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Are your teas allergen-free?

All of our teas are allergen-free, with the exception of Coconut Crush Chai, which contains actual coconut pieces, which is a tree nut.

A note on how we handle allergens in our warehouse:
Coconut Crush Chai is quarantined away from all other teas. Allergens are blended last after all other blends have been finished and we do a deep allergen clean before and after production. The tea is then quarantined during the drying process as well.

During receiving, we also segregate it from other tea as soon as it arrives and we also do allergen testing on the machines and utensils to ensure there are not any allergenic proteins after a production run.

Are your teas gluten-free?

Technically, everything is Gluten-Free in our warehouse! We do not have any glutens on site. However, we do have 6 teas that are Certified Gluten Free. We send these teas in regularly for testing, per the guidelines for Certified Gluten Free. 

Certified Gluten-Free Teas:

Are your products kosher?

We are a Kosher-certified facility. 

We also have several teas that are Kosher certified: 

Ashwagandha Chai 

We are striving to add more options so please check back to see what new options we have in the future.
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