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Our Story

There’s nothing like a good story shared over a soothing cup of tea, and the family legend that inspired The Tea Spot is no exception. When founder Maria Uspenski’s grandmother fled war-torn Russia, she escaped with her beloved samovar, a steel water heater used for making tea. That samovar now graces Maria’s tea house on the grounds of her home in the mountains of Colorado and symbolizes The Tea Spot’s commitment to brewing resilience and love in every cup.

Meet Maria

For The Tea Spot founder Maria Uspenski, tea is more than a beverage, it’s a way of life. From her family roots back in Russia to her personal cancer recovery journey to the teaware she created using her MIT engineering background, tea and Maria are inexorably intertwined—as is the unique blend of art and science she brings to the practice. When you shop The Tea Spot, you know you are getting the freshest tea available, only including leaves from the latest harvest. As the only single source provider of tea with our own patented teaware (thanks, Maria!), our goal is to modernize the loose-leaf tea experience so you can enjoy the functional benefits at home or on the go for the perfect cup every time.

Our Mission: Healthy Hydration 

We count on tea to make us feel good, help manage stress, and give us a natural boost of antioxidants, but did you know that hot or cold, pure tea is even more hydrating than plain water? There’s a reason athletes from the world over turn to tea after a race! Life moves fast and our STEEPWARE®—from teapots to sport bottles—lets you brew tea at home or the office and everywhere in between.

Making a Difference: 10% for Wellness

As a socially responsible business, we donate 10% of all profits, and are recognized in the top 5% of all B-Corps as “Best for the Community.” To date, all 10% For Wellness donations have gone directly to cancer and community wellness, to which we’ve contributed more than 10 million cups of tea.

Now, in our 18th year, we’re expanding our 10% For Wellness initiative to embrace a broader vision. We’re proud to combine forces with the non-profit charity:water.

Because it's our mission to develop solutions for healthy hydration at The Tea Spot, access to the gift of water is at our core.

We invite you to join us in making this vision a reality.

Each co-branded Limited-edition charity: water Tea Tumbler Set will bring clean water to one person — while infusing the goodness of whole leaf tea for you.
Drink tea. Feel good. Do good.

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